The Future Finance Industry Trends That Will Shape 2022 and Beyond

Changing consumer expectations, emerging technologies and new business models are the main and constant triggers of the evolution in the financial sector. It is critical for traditional banks and other financial institutions to stay competitive by meeting ever-changing customer expectations and prepare for the future financial landscape. For this, they need to start adapting to the necessary technologies and strategies.

As the digital evolution accelerates across all industries, it seems that the time to adapt to this change has shortened for traditional banks and other financial institutions. This undoubtedly paves the way for more changes to occur in the coming period.

It seems impossible for banks and other financial institutions to catch up and lead this revolution on their own. Thus, the era of digital banking and digital finance requires the collaboration of traditional banks and fintechs.

In this ebook, we have brought together the most promising financial trends that will help you develop your vision on planting the seeds of the future today. By downloading our ebook, you can have detailed information about the following trends that must be taken into account when creating long-term financial strategies:

  • Open banking 
  • Invisible banking
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Inclusive Finance
  • Algorithmic Finance
  • Voice Banking