How Globit’s RISQ Compliance Solution Improved the Operational Efficiency in Garanti BBVA’s Middle Office

Middle office departments of banks like Garanti BBVA are simultaneously dealing with a truckload of deals and reading the smallest prints daily. This process leaves an open door for potential mistakes in limiting utilization which is one of the most essential factors of efficiency.

Therefore the middle office department of Garanti BBVA needed an all-in-one treasury compliance solution that can connect any application like Finastra, Kondor, Murex, or Calypso to monitor a variety of trading limits in real-time.

As a perfect fit for Garanti BBVA’s needs, Globit’s RISQ Compliance solution disburdened the middle office department of the bank with its extensive features like;

  • Holistic & real-time monitoring system applying all trading limits,
  • Real-time pre-deal check plus integrated reporting,
  • Machine learning algorithm to signal outliers,
  • And Out-of-the-box installation and quick deployment.

Let’s take a closer look at how Garanti BBVA’s Middle Office, Risk Control and Compliance Officer, Ali Ziya Akça explains the benefits of Globit’s RISQ Compliance solution;

We have more than 1 thousand fx products to monitor and control daily. Thanks to the solution, our control mechanisms are automated and now we are able to monitor our limits effectively and easily.

With the help of Globit’s RISQ compliance solution, we overcome the challenge of increased operational risks and transformed our operational control mechanisms into fully digitalized one.

Take a glance at the full video below to witness Garanti BBVA’s journey with our all-in-one treasury compliance solution.