How Globit’s RISQ l financial institutions Enabled ING to Attain a Smart, Efficient and Effective FI Department

Founded in 1991 in Holland, the ING group operates through various banking branches like retail banking, direct banking, commercial banking, investment banking, wholesale banking, private banking, asset management, and insurance services globally.

The institution is one of the top 30 largest banks in the world with a total balance sheet size in excess of 1,000 bn USD. In 2008, ING expanded its operations to Turkey. Since then, The ING group has been a prominent actor within the Turkish banking industry with the services they have provided and the social responsibility initiatives it has shouldered.


A Search for an All-inclusive Solution to Enhance the FI Department


ING wanted to enhance its FI department with a solution that enables effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, and integrity. In addition, this solution had to cover the parent group requirements inevitably and be deployable in a matter of weeks.

The must for ING was to find a holistic solution covering all the complex necessities and their challenges were;

– Finding a multi-dimensional solution that answers the demands of both the subsidiary branch and the parent group.

– Eliminating all manual processes and enabling the FI department to be fully digital end-to-end.

– Reducing operational risks through a more secure, sophisticated, and transparent decision flow.

– Real-time integration between booking and limit-keeping systems to eliminate manual processes and potential limit breaches.

– To reach its goals in spite of challenges, ING partnered with RISQ and implemented the industry’s first dedicated end-to-end institutional banking solution RISQ l financial institutions.

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