How VakıfBank’s FI Department Utilized Globit’s RISQ I Financial Institutions to Increase Efficiency of Workflows

For the FI departments of global banks like VakıfBank, it is essential to optimize internal communication across multiple departments to make more informed decisions faster. Additionally, enriching the workflows is key to improve the efficiency of operations.

Therefore, VakıfBank’s FI department needed a comprehensive financial solution with high flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the bank in the widest sense.

Globit’s RISQ I Financial Institutions was the perfect fit for the FI department of VakıfBank. The department utilized the solution’s well-designed reporting system and extensive monitoring, Real-time RAROC calculation, AI-driven Google-like search, and Traceable and integrated UI features and the result was a highly profitable and fully digitalized FI department.

Through integrating Globit’s solution, VakıfBank achieved a variety of goals in all divisions from operation to controlling and monitoring to risk management.

Let’s take a closer look at how VakıfBank’s Head of the FI department, Emre Bülent Nazaroğlu explains the goals achieved by utilizing Globit’s RISQ I Financial Institutions solution;

“One of the most essential achievements was improving the ability to comply with the sector practices in the most up-to-date and strategic manner. This way, we reduced operational risks and increased productivity.

With systematic monitoring, errors in our business processes were minimized and our ability to store detailed information increased. As a result, the solution enabled us to do the risk assessment more effectively and respond quickly to the demands of corporate customers.”

Watch the full video below to hear VakıfBank’s Journey with our end-to-end institutional banking solution.